The work I create centres around the transformation of images to objects and objects to images. Layers upon layers of document, to render, to image, to object. White Project Space (2019) and the objects that have arisen from it explore structures of layers; the metal RSJ holding the roof up as a starting point, then to the wooden RSJ that couldn’t even hold person, then to the animation of improbable falling that is intersected by a real-fake cardboard RSJ. There is a playful nature to all the layering of dimensions, light and impersonated material. Taking one iconic structure from the environment I work within, the castellated RSJ, and rendering it in card, MDF, birch plywood, CGI and light to underline the relationship between the original and the copy, the document and the object. The reinstatement of the full-scale RSJ structure turned on its head to connect with the original is the final connection in the loop. Using the original metal RSJ as both literal support and theoretical support. Without the original my beam would collapse, from 12 feet in the air it would fall to a stunted idea with no basis.
Corner To Corner 2019, UCA Fine Art Degree Show, three monitors, three plywood RSJs, nine RSJ negatives. 
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