When moving home.. 
First, remove all traces of previous owners. Fire is an appropriate and efficient method.  
Second, occupy the new space.  
Third, extend. Remodel the footprint of this building and extend yourself as you extend those walls. Spread your mark on this building, reclaim it as territory, not just through legal contracts but through the constant movement of your body within it, until it feels normal.  
The property on Church Road is currently in a state of baking. The ingredients have been prepared, the oven is hot, now it just takes time to cook. I live in this baking experience. I have been working on all the ingredients for 4 months. I have studied this new cake mixture. 

This film consists of footage shot at Church Road (excluding one trip to the zoo) since July 2019, documenting the burning of furniture and furnishings, the boiling of jam, the dust in my bedroom, the look of a small dog, the harvesting of crops and the movement of a shadow. I knew I had to film these events and scenes but I wasn’t sure why. I decide what to film and edit intuitively, it wasn’t until I put this film together that I realised it was a document of change.  
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